Companies born from the ingenuity of these inventors

Project year1979 inventorGiorgio Parisini discover
Project year1983 inventorVirgilio Rossato discover
Project year1986 inventorGraziano Varani discover
Project year1987 inventorGiorgio Parisini discover
Project year1988 inventorDaar El Tal discover
Project year1991 inventorKibbutz Hogoshrim discover
Project year1994 inventorKibbutz Hogoshrim discover
Project year1996 inventorDolev Moshe discover
Project year1999 inventorAlfred Gooding discover
Project year2003 inventorMario Macchini e Antonio Di Leo discover
Project year2008 inventorDrag Design discover
Project year2013 inventor- discover
Project year2017 inventorGianni Cartuccia discover
Project year2018 inventorShannon Kerry discover
Companies born from the ingenuity of these inventors

How we work

The trend in the recent years showed how innovation and progress are led by newborn start-ups reaching the success they worked for. However, who is behind their success? Who leads a start-up on the path that changes a good idea in a successful product? There are professionals such as Brain Provider, who work behind the scenes to bring an idea, an invention, a patent to succeed in their market or, why not, create a new one.

Who are we seeking?

All those people and companies with a licence or a project that suits all criteria to create a start-up. Moreover, we buy or take over patent applications and we are particularly interested in the business of consumer goods, in which we constantly search projects with a high authenticity and suitable for the creation of a one-product start-up.

How we started

Brain Provider was founded at the end of the 70s by Gianfranco Strocchi, who was the first to fathom the value of ideas conceived by private inventors.
So, after the launch of a very popular invention, the concept of a research laboratory in which the ideas protected by a patent application could be evaluated for free approached our mind.
In almost forty years of business, thousands of inventors with thousands patent applications came here at Brain Provider’s headquarters and we examined and discussed all of them.
The most interesting of them, became start-ups that launched successful products on the market that nowadays we all know and use every day.

The companies we brought to success

About us

In this section some of the most important newspapers that have talked about us are collected.