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1,2 milioni


La doccia cambia, cambia la doccia
Year of launch 1991
Inventor Kibbutz Hogoshrim
How the project came about
The idea of this patent had its origins from a known principle that no one would ever thought it could be applied to a showerhead.
The water pressure activated the internal mechanism, which made the small massaging brushes rotate. Later, the brushes became changeable with soaps and pumice stones.

Our input After a market analysis we decided to invest on the project taking charge of marketing, communication and distribution. The project quickly achieved a million sales and in 1995 we left the project.
Why was it successful? The product perfectly fitted in the niche of personal care and body wellness. In particular, on top of the massaging effect, the invention also had a positive effect against cellulite. The comfort of a shower massage was something that only this product, at that time, could offer.