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500 mila


Maschera di bellezza
Year of launch 1994
Inventor Kibbutz Hogoshrim
How the project came about The patent of this brilliant invention started from a device that was already on the market, but it was more compact, but as effective as the original. The product was made of an electric base with a container for the water, which was warmed so it could release a nice and warm air from the top, which could be bended and closed when not in use, making of this invention a great solution for both visage care and aerosol.
Our input
After considering the chances of the product of opening a new niche, we decided to include it in another brand line we were investing in that same period: Epilady.
We advertised it as a body care product and we quickly reached half a millions of sales and in 1998 we left the project.

Why was it successful?
The product substituted another one bulky and expensive, turning from being a niche product to a mass product. It was versatile, easy to use and travel-friendly. These very features made its fortune.