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Robi combi

Pettine antipediculosi
Year of launch 1996
Inventor Dolev Moshe
How the project came about
The project came from an idea of Moshe Dolev, simple, but very effective. The product that came out of his patent, later sold to an international company after the realisation of a prototype, was an electronic comb for the elimination of lice.
Once on, the comb hit lice with an electric shock killing them instantly.

Our input
We got in touch with the producer and launched the product in a partnership with a pharmaceutical company.
The product was a revolution, even though success was not immediate. However, we understood that the product was unusual for consumers and it needed time to tear the veil of initial scepticism, so we decided to go on and stick with it. Our efforts were compensated: our product’s value was recognised and became very popular. Once this goal was achieved, in 2000 we left the project.

Why was it successful? Lice are a problem very common among children in school age and using specific chemicals may be more dangerous than one can imagine, but this product solved two problems at the same time: pediculosis and aggressiveness of anti-lice products on children skin.