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La cucina futuristica
Year of launch 2008
Inventor Drag Design
How the project came about
Sheer is a kitchen with futuristic design and functionalities planned by Drag Design studio in Pescara, Italy.
The young architects who realised this project, in fact, registered a worldwide ornamental patent and presented their idea of kitchen: a single block 1.5 metres large in carbon fibre, with two halves of a sphere that make it egg-shaped. The top half, with an electric engine, can be lifted to the ceiling and work as a hood.
In the bottom half were embedded a hob, an extractable table and a kitchen bench.

Our input
In 2006 we founded a start-up with the cooperation of a famous company in the business of kitchens and took the legal rights for Sheer production over.
After that, we presented the product at the most important events dedicated to design in places like New York, Dubai, Milan, Korteik, Moscow and Paris, gaining the attention of international media.
In the year of the launch, 2008, the first one hundred Sheer were sold. In 2009 we left the project.

Why was it successful?
The high coefficient of uniqueness could not remain unnoticed, in fact Sheer attracted the interest of many film directors and appeared in four movies.
The small size, the elegance of materials and its unique design seduced a big audience.