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Deflettori antiturbo
Year of launch 1979
Inventor Giorgio Parisini
How the project came about
At the end of the 70s cars with air conditioned were still very rare, in fact, before mid-80s, the air conditioned on board was an expensive optional. This is the reason why driving with open windows during summer was a must, but noises used to made the driving experience unpleasant.
To solve this problem, Giorgio Parisini invented an air deflector mounted on the top of the window.
The little spoiler on the border of the deflector diverted the air flow towards the outside of the car, giving a quieter and more stable driving. Thanks to this little feature, we could claim the patent.

Our input
Inventors came to us for a consultancy with their prototype. After a market survey conducted together with our partners, such as the company Cora S.p.A., we decided to invest directly on the project, taking charge of the launch.
Thanks to a great communication and a huge marketing campaign the product quickly achieved the first millions of sales, which allowed us to develop and launch a new model, thinner than the previous one.
We left the project in 1985, but even though air conditioned is actually installed in almost every car, Parimor deflectors are still bought in large quantities.

Why was it successful?
The product offered the solution to a common problem of many drivers, who could not drive at a high speed with open windows because of the disturbing air flow. Moreover, all the noises and oscillations caused by air voids totally disappeared.
Many competitor companies were founded after us, but the Parimor patent was still unique and no one could equalise the result of the original one.