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400 mila


Year of launch 1987
Inventor Giorgio Parisini
How the project came about
In mid-80s small cars with 903cc engines were the most sold in Italy. The main feature of this engine was the distribution chain, which, even though was very efficient, was noisy and subject to wear and tear.
Giorgio Parisini found out that putting a chain tightener in the sump with a rubber head and a self-lubricated piston, improved the durability of the chain and diminished the noises, so he took a patent licence and made a prototype.

Our input After a detailed analysis in partnership with one of our friend-companies, we decided to invest together with the inventor, taking charge of the launch campaign of the product, achieving over half a million sales in a very small timespan.
Why was it successful?
The invention positioned itself in a very popular niche and improved the longevity of another popular product.
The improvement driven by this invention was remarkable. Only the time and the introduction of newer distribution system in more recent engines could make it obsolete.