Once we received the form, we will analyse the proposal and respond to all applicants. If you convince us about your project, there will be two possibilities:
If your patent application has a great potential and it looks innovative and creative, then it means that it matches all the criteria to form a new one-product start-up and we will evaluate the chance of starting a partnership, buy the patent or any other form of agreement.
If the constitution of a start-up is not economically sustainable, we can entrust another company in the same business with the project and give it to our partners, so they can write an information document with the purpose of finding the best form of collaboration.

Why a consultancy?

A consultancy allows us to create a document with all the project specifications, analysing its uniqueness, niche, potential competitors and economic sustainability.

This phase allows us to reach to the first very important result: understanding if the project is feasible or if it should be discarded: unfortunately not all projects have the right features and sometimes the best choice is not to go further in order to avoid an unprofitable investment.

On the other hand, when the project does have what it takes to be followed, the analysis will be a good tool to forge a great business plan useful for investors search, project presentation, attracting angel investors, and guide lines.

Seven levels of analysis

How do we analyse the feasibility of a project? We structure it in seven levels through which the project is analysed step-by-step. Here they are:
  1. We verify the legal position, the status of the patent application and the EPO report, if available. We verify eventual antecedences, extendibility, and the existence of similar patents, both given and not;
  2. We verify that the project is innovative compared to national and international competitors, then we verify the fundamental requirements to launch the product or its potentialities to create a new business;
  3. We assess the chance of investments for a better patent protection in the countries of interest;
  4. We consider investments for the engineering and related difficulties;
  5. We estimate investments for the making of a prototype and related difficulties during the process;
  6. We evaluate investments for a pre-series production of the project;
  7. We take into account investments in marketing and communication for the positioning of the product on national and eventual foreign businesses of the same sector.
At the end of the analysis a consulting report will be sent, which will be the evaluation document for the inventor, who will now be able to decide the best solution, including an eventual crowdfunding campaign.

Just like our deal offer, according to the complexity of the analysis, the necessary time to complete it will vary between 15-30 days.